The leading Italian insurance media group, Insurance Connect, is based in Milan and includes these titles: Insurance Trade, Insurance Review, Insurance Daily, Societa e Rischio and ICTV. The media group now securely occupies the number one spot in its sector in Italy, producer of the world’s eighth largest economy and home of a $350 billion insurance market.

Insurance Connect provides companies, institutions, intermediaries and associations with a new communication model in the insurance sector and towards its customers in Italy. Through the available tools (web platform, newspaper, magazine, etc.) it is possible to build ad-hoc communication projects by exploiting the potential of multi-channeling. 

Mission statement

Insurance Connect is a point of reference for information and communication in the world of insurance, from the business capital of Italy. Our Business to Business tools, Insurance Review, Insurance Trade and Insurance Daily, are targeted to insurance companies, agents, brokers and mediators, category associations, banks and credit institutions, law offices, academicians, consultants and social welfare institutions.

We “partner” with Italian risk focused professionals to serve the advancement of the business of risk transfer, risk financing and risk management and to serve the best interests of Italian commercial and personal insurance buyers.


Maria Rosa Alaggio – Editor-in-Chief

Paola Della Torre – Director